Parcelles AgroPhen
Infrastructure and equipment

Infrastructure and equipment

Discover AgroPhen's environment and the equipment used

Infrastructures and tools adapted to open-field phenotyping

infrastructures + matériel agricole

AgroPhen includes :

  • 80 hectares of field crops with a potential of 6,000 microparcels (wheat, sunflower, soya, sorghum, maize, peas, faba beans...) on the plain, at the gateway to the Lauragais region.
  • Characterised plots (soil type, GIS mapping)
  • 3,000m² of facilities for field experimentation, including a shared technology hall
  • Complete on-site meteorological monitoring for over 50 years
  • A parcel management information system and a decision support tool for the management of technical routes
  • separation

  • Agricultural equipment specifically adapted for experiments (GPS guidance and triggering):
    • 6 GPS-guided tractors
    • 3 seed drills for GPS triggered micro-parcels
    • 1 microchip harvester with sample collection
  • Innovative phenotyping equipment :
    • 1 8-tonne Phenomobile robot (more information) (visible and multispectral imaging, LiDAR)
    • 1 UAV system (visible and multispectral imaging)
    • 1 set of soil sensors and data acquisition units to monitor growing conditions.

Modification date: 07 June 2023 | Publication date: 04 November 2020 | By: Bastien Dailloux