The technical installation for phenotyping in the open field

In brief

Agrophen is a facility of the EU GCA (Unité Expérimentale Grande Cultures d'Auzeville - INRAE Occitanie Toulouse) located in the South-West of France on the outskirts of Toulouse (temperate climate with oceanic and Mediterranean influences).

This facility allows the phenotyping of field crops (wheat, sunflower, soya, sorghum, peas, faba beans), niche crops and multiservice intermediate crops.


ISO 14001 logo

The Agrophen Facility via L'UE GCA is certified ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).

All the experiments are carried out under quality assurance (INRAE standard) and ISO 9001 certification is targeted for 2024.


In this folder

Equipe UE GCA
In the framework of AgroPhen, the EU GCA mobilises its agents to implement projects.
Parcelles AgroPhen
Discover AgroPhen's environment and the equipment used
Phénomobile acquisition
From data collection to automated processing
Illustration PhenoToul
Flagship projects in which the facility has been involved

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