3 technical devices working together

In order to propose a varied phenotyping offer, the three devices HeliaPhen, AgroPhen and TPMP have joined their forces to create the PhenoToul platform. It brings together a collective of researchers, engineers and research technicians with skills in agronomy, genetics and image processing.

The infrastructure results from the merger of the three plant phenotyping facilities TPMP, Heliaphen and AgroPhen of the national Phenome-Emphasis network.

This infrastructure resulting from projects co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Occitanie Region, Sicoval and INRAE must meet the current challenges of agroecology and tomorrow's cropping systems, while taking climate change into account.

To do this, it offers a capacity for greenhouse phenotyping in the field through its three technical facilities :

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  • TPMP : phenotyping under fully controlled laboratory conditions to measure the impact of changing environmental conditions on plant performance and their interactions with microbes,
  • HeliaPhen : phenotyping under semi-controlled conditions to study the individual response of plants to water stress,
  • AgroPhen : a high throughput open field phenotyping to characterise field crops and plant cover in intercropping under different climatic conditions and crop management (sowing date and density, fertilisation, irrigation, phytosanitary protection).

These various non-destructive analyses are carried out using automated phenotyping tools: robot, drone and phenomenal.

PhenoToul, by creating a centre of competence in image processing (LiDAR, multispectral acquisition) and by developing data processing and management chains, offers its services to the entire public and private scientific community.

Its technical installations comply with the INRAE Research Infrastructures (IR) charter.

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