The technical facility for phenotyping in semi-controlled condition

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"The characterization of the morphological and physiological responses of the plants studied today remains a barrier to the selection of varieties adapted to unfavorable water conditions. The Heliaphen phenotyping platform was developed to meet this challenge. It allows the implementation of large-scale automated experiments, where each plant is conditioned in a unique and precise manner. Entirely designed for sunflowers, this platform is used to study the characteristics of sunflowers from seedling germination to full seed maturity at the end of the plant's development. »
Nicolas Langlade - Director of Research Inra Occitanie-Toulouse and Coordinator of the SUNRISE project

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Source : movie realized within the framework of the SUNRISE project

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Nicolas Langlade et Nicolas Blanchet
The HeliaPhen technical system brings together 3 units of the INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse Centre
Plateforme HeliaPhen
A 600 m² technical installation that allows the phenotyping of sunflowers (up to 1,300 pots).
Robot HeliaPhen
A unique autonomous robot for phenotyping assistance
Robot HeliaPhen
From data collection to automated processing
Illustration PhenoToul
Flagship projects in which the system is involved

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