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PhenoToul - A plant phenotyping infrastructure for research and innovation based at the INRAE Centre Occitanie-Toulouse

To characterize field crop plants (tounesol, cereals, corn, sorghum, soybean & peas), generate new knowledge in the field of plant sciences in order to develop operational knowledge and to meet the needs of laboratories and companies, PHENOTOUL INCLUDES 3 DEVICES :


TPMP (Toulouse Plant Microbe Phenotyping) works on phenotyping under controlled conditions. TPMP studies the modification of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, light, CO2) in greenhouses, to simulate climate change. It also measures the impact of changing environmental conditions on the performance of plants and microbes. Another mission of the device is to acquire mass phenotyping data, resulting from non-destructive analyses of plants. For this purpose, TPMP has 6 air-conditioned cultivation chambers, 201m² of robotic greenhouses, 3 HD imaging booths and 2 automated phenotyping devices.

HeliaPhen is focused on outdoor pot phenotyping. Using a unique robot, the device automates plant processing for variety selection under water stress conditions and controls individualized irrigation to study plant response to drought. This allows the phenotyping of 1,300 sunflower plants.

AgroPhen focuses on field phenotyping. With a drone and an autonomous robot of nearly 8 tons developed to measure (the Phénomobile) equipped with cameras (multispectral, thermal imaging) and LiDAR, the device characterizes the plant cover. Continuous monitoring of plant growth conditions via environmental sensors (weather and soil) is then possible.

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07 June 2023

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