Open field phenotyping

Open field phenotyping

The phenotyping offer in open field conditions

The Agrophen facility's phenotyping offer is broken down into several levels that can be combined depending on the project and in close collaboration with the partner.

Our intervention can range from the setting up of a device in the field to the complete delivery of an analysis in the form of a report.

Manual phenotyping

Flo et Pierre

This offer includes :

- The design of the trial (plan under Geographic Information System (GIS)) and implementation of the experimental device in the field using the agricultural tools dedicated to the experiment.

- Agricultural management of the crop from sowing to harvest, based on the protocol (comparison, nitrogen stress, etc.). We can set up variants of sowing date and density, irrigation, fertilisation and phytosanitary protection.

- Weakly instrumented measurements in the field (germination rate, population, phenology, heights, diseases, weeds, carbon and nitrogen cycle, yields...).

- Optional plant or grain samples that we can dry and grind.

- Optional monitoring of soil moisture (capacitive sentek sensors, watemark probes) or radiation measurements with or without the participation of our technicians.

- The provision of a sample processing room (benches, ovens) if you wish to carry out manual measurements yourself.

drone and phenomobile

Montage drone + pheno

Includes :

- The design of High Speed Phenotyping missions (definition of robot/drone itineraries under GIS).

- Acquisitions (images, points...) in the field are carried out by UAV flights and/or the Phenomobile robot for field measurements. Acquisition dates are defined according to needs.

- Data delivery on a support to be defined

Data processing

Rémy ordi

Includes :

- Automated pre-processing of drone images (reconstitution of image mosaics, extraction of microparcels, etc.).

- Characterisation (labelling) of the contents (objects such as plants, leaves, flowers, species, etc.) of the images acquired by the UAV and the Phenomobile if necessary.

- The processing of raw data by algorithms/models (segmentation methods, deep learning, etc.).

- Simple statistical analysis of the system and production of a report

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