The Phenomobile

The Phenomobile

A unique robot to "scan" crops in the field.

Presentation movie of the phenotyping robot :

Commanded by INRAE and built in partnership with the company Meca 3D, this high-speed phenotyping robot is used in the PhenoToul platform to study plants in the field.

It autonomously travels through plots of land and collects information on the state of the plants thanks to on-board sensors:

  • 3 LIDAR Sick LMS400
  • 2 RGB Camera
  • 5 Flashes LUMIX FR60
  • 2 GPS RTK
  • 2 Inertial units (SBG Ellipse)
  • 1 Windsonic anemometer

Thanks to the technology it possesses, this autonomous robot allows to characterize in a fine and unambiguous way the micro-parcels of an experimental platform.

Modification date: 07 June 2023 | Publication date: 20 October 2020 | By: Bastien Dailloux