Infrastructures TPMP

Infrastructure and equipment

Infrastructure and equipment

A specially designed technical installation with greenhouses, robots and instruments for the phenotyping of whole plants in interaction with the environment.

The installation

  •     High throughput phenotyping under controlled conditions
  •     Targets both model plants and cultivated plants (Arabidopsis, Medicago, Tomato, Sunflower...).
  •     Biotic and abiotic interactions
  •     Open to public and private laboratories
  •     Phenotyping at several "phenomenal" levels

An automated infrastructure with S2 containment

  •     6 air-conditioned growing rooms (39m²)
    •         Temperature controlled (15-25°C)
    •         Controlled irrigation (can be installed on request)
    •         Controlled lighting
    •         Equipped with LED
  •     210 m² of greenhouse
    •         Temperature controlled
    •         Equipped with an Optimalog conveyor
    •         Controlled irrigation
    •         Controlled lighting
    •         Equipped with a Lemnatec conveyor belt
    •         Equipped with a booth for the treatment - inoculation
  •     High definition imaging
    •         RGB Imaging
    •         Fluorescence imaging
    •         Near Infrared Imaging (NIR)
  •     Other equipment
    •         1 washing and sterilization facility
    •         1 plant potting room
    •         1 teleprocessing office

Data storage and management

A 36x4 TB storage server is installed at the INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse Data Center and data management is ensured by the GIS Génotoul bioinformatics platform.

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